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Автор неизвестен / Х-Files - новелизация эпизодов

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Derwood demands payment to keep his mouth shut. They are interrupted by a
neighbor, Sylvia, who asks if Rob saw a man that had been parked outside.
Rob dismisses her, and Derwood warns him not to skip town. Rob heads to his
car and sees Mulder approaching. Although Mulder doesn't give any
indication that he suspects Rob, he does tell him that the police believe
that Derwood is the killer. Rob goes to Dr. Rinehart's office for his
mandatory consultation. He can't concentrate as his stomach growls. When
the doctor gets a call from Mulder, Rob bolts out, claiming he has to be at
Rob hallucinates that the burgers he is frying are brains. Derwood shows up
at Lucky Boy to threaten Rob again. Scared of getting caught, Rob rummages
through Derwood's house for the prescription bottle. When Derwood comes
home, Rob hides in the closet. As Derwood approaches the closet armed with
a baseball bat, Rob starts to dismember his fake human parts to reveal the
monster underneath. Derwood opens the door and the monster's tongue lashes
out, poking a hole through Derwood's forehead.
Rob goes to see Dr. Rinehart again and admits that he has an eating
disorder. She writes down the location of an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.
Rob's stomach growls and he rushes out, saying "I really am trying to do
right." Dr. Rinehart ponders his statement. Rob returns home to find Mulder
and Scully waiting to ask him about Derwood Spinks's disappearance. Mulder
tells Rob that he believes the killer is some sort of genetic freak who
feeds on humans, but Rob plays dumb.
With no other hope, Rob attends the Overeaters Anonymous meeting and runs
into his neighbor, Sylvia. She encourages him to introduce himself. He
describes in salacious detail his cravings for meat. The group members
salivate. Rob stops when he spots a bald man in the front row. The man's
brain seems to be throbbing through the skull, causing Rob to lick his lips
in hunger. Rob makes a friend in Sylvia as he walks her to her apartment
after the meeting. She says goodnight and closes her door. He turns to
leave but his stomach begins to growl. He turns back to her door, knocks,
and removes his teeth, ready for his next meal.
Rob makes a plan the next day. He demolishes his apartment with Derwood's
baseball bat and screams in terror. He beckons his neighbors to call the
police. Mulder and Scully arrive and listen to Rob's questionable story
that Derwood threatened him to keep quiet. The agents ask Rob about a
missing private eye hired by Sylvia's husband who was staked out in front
of the building. Rob has no answers and quickly tells them that Sylvia is
not at home.
Rob frantically packs his belongings when Dr. Rinehart shows up. She senses
that Rob is at fault for the murders and tries to soothe him. Enraged, Rob
begins to pull off his human body parts to show her his secret. Dr.
Rinehart is horrified but still sympathetic. She touches his face.
Suddenly, the door crashes in and Mulder and Scully enter with guns drawn.
They yell for the doctor to move away, but she defends Rob and tells him to
be the good person he means to be. Rob is hesitant, then lunges at the
agents, knowing they will open fire. A dying Rob falls to the floor as Dr.
Rinehart's eyes tear up. She asks him why he caused his own death. He
whispers, "I can't be something I'm not." HUNGRY
+ Рабочее название эпизода - Burgerlicious.
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